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Working Papers

Buffer or adapt? An empirical assessment of interdependencies in achieving organizational resilience

Learning and unlearning for organizational resilience: A contingency perspective on the choice of organizational structure

Refining the Culture-Resilience Relationship through a Complex Adaptive System Perspective: Case of Agastya International Foundation

(with Abhinav Kapur, Agastya International)

Trading-off buffering and adaptation: The missing elements of organizational resilience (with Phanish Puranam)

copies available upon request

Research in Progress

VIA: A generative model of organizational learning (with Özgecan Koçak, Daniel Levinthal, and Phanish Puranam)

Irreducable interdependencies: Equifinality in mental representations and sources of complexity

Examining multilevel consequences of buffering and adaptation for business ecosystem resilience (with Gabriel Szulanski)

Essays, Short Papers & Teaching Material

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